Wednesday, July 22, 2009

chaz bundick

"Chaz Bundick sounds like the kind of guy you'd trust your girfriend to go shopping with on a Saturday because he seems cool and laid-back and he let you have a pull on his joint that time you were together in the park and his music should be soundtracking the best American teen rom-com of all time, with its benign bass slaps and breezy AM poptones or whatever, but then you realise that she's only going shopping with him because you're hungover and it's 3pm and you still haven't got out of bed and then he takes her back to his house and shows her the array of machines he's used to put his Toro Y Moi tracks together and they're all lined up neatly in a row and she thinks, "God, why doesn't my boyfriend do shit like this and get props from Pitchfork and Gorilla vs Bear instead of staying up til dawn pouring whisky down his neck and vomiting all over his douchebag best friend's bathroom, rendering him useless and bed-ridden all day when he could be out shopping and eating pizza with me?" and before you know it Chaz Bundick's feeding pizza into her pretty mouth and she's shocked and she likes it and he's considerate and you're a douchebag at home and she calls you to tell you it's over but you can't even hate the guy because his tunes are so cool and laid-back and he let you have a pull on his joint that time in the park so next time you see him, instead of punching him, you just sidle up with a wry smile and he puts one arm around you and one arm around her and you go to the party and end up back at your best friend's house pouring whisky down his neck til dawn and still you cannot summon any rage." - RCRD LBL

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